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Noise Impact Assessment

Unwanted noise can have a significant impact upon environmental quality, public health and amenity. A pro-active approach to noise control will simplify the process of achieving consent for your development, by ensuring that potential issues are identified before becoming difficult and costly to mitigate.

Our consultants are experienced in providing detailed noise impact assessments for wind farms, substations, battery storage facilties, nuclear power stations and gas peaking plants. All our assessments are conducted following the guidance and methodologies set out in industry standards: BS4142, BS 5228, BB93, BS 8223, BREEAM, CRN, CTRN, DMRB, ETSU-R-97, IPPC and PAN 1/2011.

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Occupational Noise and Vibration

Employers have a duty of care to protect employees who may be at risk of exposure to noise and vibration at work in accordance with the Control of Noise and Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. Forth N&V can conduct noise monitoring to quantify the level of exposure to personnel, and provide clear guidance on reducing exposure where necessary.

Vibration Monitoring and Assessment

Vibration is everywhere around us, and commonly its effects are difficult to see until they manifest themselves in plant failure or exposure related health issues. Our consultants are experienced in the measurement and analysis of vibration in assessing resilient mount performance, industrial plant and machinery condition, and occupational vibration exposure.

Pump and motor which popular to install with pipe in industrial such chemical, power plant

Noise Modelling

Noise modelling is one of the most useful tools to evaluate the impact of a proposed development, or changes to an existing development, on the surrounding environment. With state-of-the-art models, we can make predictions that allow you to make the right decisions for your project. Whether it be selecting equipment or evaluating noise mitigation options, noise modelling will help you might the right choice.

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